The first ever, on-line Certified Quality Assurance Technician (CQAT) training program, specifically designed for the private commercial and residential construction market sector.

OAC Management Inc. exists to help Owners, Architects, and Contractors manage and deliver quality projects.

Do you often find yourself anxious and frustrated with…

  1. Uncertainty regarding assembly processes?

  2. Repeatedly needing to re-work complete assemblies?

  3. Writing unnecessary RFI's that should have been resolved in Design or Pre-Install Meetings?

  4. Schedule and phasing disruptions?

  5. Regularly being presented with extensive punch lists?

  6. Call-backs for multiple maintenance and warranty issues?

  7. Losing money as a result of rework and protracted Punch Lists?

  8. Shortened building useful life?

  9. Your reputation and opportunities for repeat business being damaged due to poor quality?

Get ready to lead your company by having a specific framework to confidently implement simple processes and methodologies to deliver quality work
- and -

Present yourself as the respected, credentialed, quality professional that you are.

Here’s what you’ll gain from the CQAT course:

  • Simple 4-step model to frame the quality assurance process

  • Thorough methodology to verify a proper installation

  • Saves money and time

  • Ensures quality and keeps your team accountable

  • Helps you stay organized and removes stress and anxiety

  • Provides you and your clients the peace of mind that you’re delivering them a quality “durable” product

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Here is what's inside the course:

Session 1:
Overview of the Industry

Session 2:
Sustainable Quality

Session 3:
The 7 Features of a Highly Effective QAO Program

Session 4:
The 7 Roadblocks to QAO

Session 5:
The QAO Process & Methodology

Session 6:
The 7 Steps to Evaluate a Building Envelope

Session 7:
The 7 Steps to a Proper Assembly

Session 8:
Verifying Quality for Mechanical Systems

Session 9:

Upon completion here's what you get:
- Lifetime Access to Course
- Training Summary Guidebook
- CQAT Road Map
- CQAT Certificate
- CQAT Badge

Join the Certified Quality Assurance Training (CQAT) course today for a limited-time introductory fee of just $750

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I have to complete the course and get my certification?

    You have (90) days to complete the course – assuming you pass each quiz with a 70%. Should you not complete the course within (90) days, students will be required to re-enroll and pay the course fee. Students will have lifetime access to each course material they pay for. For additional information on course requirements and certification see the Terms and Conditions for this course.

  • Does OAC University provide onsite training/consultation?

    Yes – there are minimum class size requirements and consultations will need to be coordinated with OAC Management Inc.

  • How does Quality Assurance save me (our company) time and money?

    If you're hosting pre-installation meetings wherein you are verifying each trade partner has all of the approved information necessary to complete the assembly, as well verifying each trade partner understands the “standard” that has been established for that assembly, and if the trade partner understands up front the expectations of quality for that assembly, as well as the timeframe and frequency of verification, you will mitigate unnecessary RFI’s, phasing disruptions as a result of waiting for answers, and additional supervision required in the event the assembly needs to be removed and reinstalled. See Cost Benefit Analysis in CQAT Training Course.

  • Who authorizes OAC University to certify this course?

    Just like Firestone, Carlisle, American Hydrotech, Tyvek, and a host of other companies provide training and “certify” their enrollees, so too OAC University provides training and “certifies” students who successfully complete our course.

  • Can I receive AIA CE credits for taking the OAC University’s CQAT training?

    This course is approved by AIA and is eligible for CE credits.

  • Do you offer refunds or money-back guarantee?

    Due to the nature and delivery method of this digital course, no refunds are available once payment is processed. It is your responsibility to verify the suitability of the course.


  • The CQAT training and the QAO process are the basis of our “Precision Plan for Field Operations” and we have seen significant improvement in the outcomes of our projects. We now require all field engineers, estimators, project managers and superintendents to attend the training and currently have over 120 CQAT certified technicians on our projects. I wholeheartedly recommend this course.
    Tim Williams
    VP of Field Operations

    This training provides us the tools that will help us make changes that will not only help our bottom line but also create a culture of teamwork.
    Shon Ramey

  • I believe we were able to realize savings upwards of 5%, if not more on the project. The items which the OAC team caught in the QAO process that would have had to be removed and reconstructed are worth 2% alone.
    Graham Frank
    VP of Development

    As buyers have become more detailed on their purchase decisions, quality is high on their list of priorities. The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Vail QAO certification has played an instrumental role in our sales success by reinforcing the message of quality construction to our Buyers.
    Tye Stockton
    Owner / Broker

  • This QAO Certification is a milestone for us. In the years to come we believe you’ll see the QAO Certification gain the same type of notoriety as a LEED Certification.
    Richard Livermore
    Executive VP

    This training has been effective in that it has given us a focused set of tools to implement a company wide set of quality standards. Accompanying techniques to verify and inspect quality of assemblies and systems that will help all team members approach quality with a unified front.
    Patrick Wing

    I really needed this! 1-day of training could influence everyone in the chain of construction. It just makes sense.
    Mike Armstrong
    Vice President

  • Being young in this industry, quality has not been something always on my mind – but it should be! This training thoroughly instills that in your head and lets you know what to look for and a process to control quality.
    Jim Franklin
    Project Engineer

    I believe it will give us a “Roadmap” for an otherwise unmarked trail for our company’s quality assurance program.
    Kevin King

  • Motivated me to be and do better! Too many things to mention but has given me a new and fresh perspective.
    John Peet

  • A simple approach, [that] eliminates wasted mental space and covers all angles to be successful.
    Quinn Parsons

    The processes you have created, will help me to not miss things that normally would have gone undetected.
    Landon Nix

Join hundreds of other Design Professionals and Contractors across the country and sign up today for only $750

We look forward to your success!

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